Monday, August 07, 2006

1500s Renaissance Gown

A French gown from the Renaissance period, around 1500; dress sort of pasted together from descriptions and pictures in Katherine Lester’s “Historic Costume.” This one came about because there are, as far as I know from reading site logs, about three sites that link to me that are maintained by people I don’t know in person. So I get excited when I see my site linked to, and I asked the linkers if they had any requests.
My knowlege of Ren faires extends as far as one of the last issues of Sandman; Hob Gadling, the man who decided hundreds of years ago to simply never die and has thus lived through history, thinks them stupid on account of the lack of giant rotting tumors and other historical nasties, while Death personified thinks them fun and dandy. But what I mean to say is that I’ve never been to one and don’t really know if a person would wear this to one. However, if I had this dress, I would probably wear it to the grocery store. This dress just US$900.


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